Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Are there experts on Central Asian carpets?

There probably are experts on Central Asian carpets, but I do get a sense that--like many things--the knowledge of such experts is limited by the complexity of the subject. I am not an expert on Central Asian carpets...I am a collector. As an outsider to the field of "experts," I do not intend this website to be a criticism of such experts, but a challenge to them. Those of us who have spent a significant time looking at carpets in former Soviet Central Asia have much to say about the various categories and other means of classifying these carpets. Generally, people will tell you that this carpet or that is a Tekke Turkmen carpet or a Uyghur carpet or a Kyrgyz carpet, etc., etc. Of course, the question is not only what makes a carpet a Teke Turkmen, a Uyghur, or a Kyrgyz product; but also who is (and is not) a Tekke Turkmen, a Uyghur, or a Kyrgyz. These are, of course, complex questions, but they are also what makes Central Asian carpets (and Central Asia for that matter) so interesting!


At 10:50 PM, Blogger iconrugs said...

I have one year experience in this field. But I'm not expert in it. I have made some wool carpets and wool rugs.


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